Vivien: You have to beat up the plumbers to get warm!


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Vivien calls plumbers to fix broken heating. They screwed it up and wants extra reward. Because they are also rude she gives them a very painful deadly lesson!
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1 review

  1. volcan51

    Vivien is really scary.
    I have seen plenty of vivien previews over the years, it was something missing . Until now, congrats you finally got vivien right.
    She kicks very hard and fast in the balls, and the guys have to deal on that state with a pissed off black belt, I would be really scared having to fight her on that state.
    She is intimidating, the guys fear stop their response and the rest of the fight is a slaugter. Combining ball shot with a high kick finish works really well. You can see she really wanted to do dirty and painful moves.
    As a advice to get a pause on the video just the guy fear and try to run would work great and other dirty moves for her could be ball grab, ear pull or slap. kick to knee, or squeezing the eyes as a control move.

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