Viki Deadly scenario photoset 2


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​Viki wants to close a gym. But two rude and aggresive guys don´t want to leave the gym. She has to use her amazing fighting skills to give them a deadly lesson!
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2 reviews

  1. Simon (verified owner)

    This photoset is amazing. Love to see two strong men being ballbusted (especially when the male opponent wear boxing short, a big plus)… Wish we can see more content like this

    (Do this photoset also have a clip? Would like to buy it also)

  2. jonathan mortenson (verified owner)

    Viki’s outfit is so beautiful and elegant. It adds so much to a fight scene when the ladies are looking this good and wearing fashion tights like this. The ballbusting is great! My recommendation to improve is she needs to have aggressive facial expressions while doing the moves, It would be more realistic.

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