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Pavla in three short movies shows how she treat the attacker in various situations. She uses many kicks, mostly to head, and tortures attacker with series of consecutive kicks and destroys him with deadly endings.
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1 review

  1. STEP73 (verified owner)

    Pavla is a devastating warrior-lady, she fights, or rather beating, with full charge every time, do not give any chance of her male opponents. She’s always cold and precise, her face and body language expressing some healthy rage, what she needs to crunching all that losers, who was enough reckless to attack her. These men have receive, ruthless punches and kicks, in endless number, from Pavla, mostly into their upper bodies and heads. At the same time, she also uses her elbows, and knees, to practicing her black belt skill on them. Finally, she destroys all of her attacker, with beautifully executed neck-breaks, one by one.

    In this video Pavla wins at three different locations: in the first scene, in her appartement, when she wearing a black short, with a black blouse, and black ballerina flats. Her weist-deep brunette hair is unfolded, she’s both natural and sexy. In the middle of the beating, she takes off her ballerinas, and continues the destroying process, barefeet. Finishing off the attacker between her muscular thighs.

    The second scene takes place on the gym’s dressing room, where Pavla just entering from the bathroom, barefoot. Her hair is wet, she wears a nice black skirt-dress. Her opponent waited to her, for to take revenge his burglar friend death. He get a brutal beating before he falls to the ground half-fainted. Pavla presents an other method of neck-break. She finished off him, with elegant ease.

    The third and final scene, takes place in the gym. Pavla wears a white gi-trousers, with her black belt, and a sexy black top: her appearance is simply breathtaking. She warms-up, she stretching. The last asshole just steps into the gym with overconfident anger, that he to teach a lesson to Pavla. She stands up against this guy, she averts some of his efforts to punch her. Next, she makes an overwhelming counter-attack, ruthlessly beats up this attacker, but now, she prevents the man’s fall. “Not so fast!” she says, when she grabs the guy, pushing him against the wall, that she practice her favourite technique on him. Her beautiful side-kicks unstoppably arrives into the man’s upper-body and face. She puts in it all of her power… the man lands on the ground, where Pavla takes him a head scissor, with her powerful legs. She could finish him off at this moment, but she unleashes him. True, just for some seconds, until she sits on the belly of the man lying on his back. She scissoring his neck, with her feets, and executing him with a final neck-break.

    It’s a pretty seducing clip collection, starring with the both gorgeous and invincible Pavla, who just enjoys these beatdowns, which are just easy workouts for her! Technically, I like so much the numerous slow-motions in the video, and the multiangles filming of the neck-breaks. Absolutely recommended to everyone, who loves the one-sided-fight-clips by beautiful girls.

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