Paola Deadly selfdefence


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Paola in four deadly selfdefence scenes shows how to destroy attacker using various selfdefence techniques in deadly style! (video includes neck snap)
Runtime: 04:30
Format: WMV (1280×720)
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7 reviews

  1. jonathan mortenson (verified owner)

    So elegant in her skirt and high heels. Great moves and excellent ball busting!

  2. Barry (verified owner)

    She is hot. I like her style and demeanor. Any chance of doing a POV video in the future?

  3. volcan51 (verified owner)

    Its dirty, its believable its a deadly female fighter.
    From start like the quick sequences, make sense a deadly demale fighter dispatch her oponent quickly. I love the focus on dirty fighting with the eye gouging and testicle strikes. She looked gorgeous btw using those high heel sandals on her favor with the extra power rather than the weakness of the reduced mobility. Paola made all have sense. She alternate between attacking up and below and take care of distracting before going close, think its a great detail a woman would actually beat a man if follow her sequence.
    Only on 4 its a bit illogical, she could punch or grab balls before and after the scissors, but to show off the move its still impressive.

  4. Rick Rick

    Nice video and great new model!

  5. Ggtgg

    I like the real life speed of that groin kick, shows the true power and deadliness of a kick

  6. Mike

    That kick at 0.18, shows why you should not make a martial arts lady cross, cause they can really kick and your going to feel it, no cup can stop the impact.

  7. mrleglove (verified owner)

    Paola heels are so sexy in this. I will only give this 4 stars as this is too short. And I feel that this should have been a Photoset. Especially the part of the video in which she is wearing her heels

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