Olha Vengeance of the deadly twin part.2


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Olha destroyed dangerous group of gangsters. Their colleagues in revenge killed her twin sister. But she is martial arts master and her vengeance on them will be very painful and deadly!
Runtime: 11:46
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3 reviews

  1. Vincent (verified owner)

    Bravo!! Olha is fantastic! Love her skill and verbal Kias! Her spinning back kicks are lethal. Great overall hollywood style scripted concept. I especially love these fuller length cinematic clips. Can I make a humble suggestion though from someone who is lives in the US? I think the acting would come off much better if everyone spoke the native language and simply used subtitles. It adds an authenticity to the whole presentation.

  2. jaser putrus (verified owner)

    A long time i waited for a good video to purchase and it finally came.
    Awesome way of combining unique groing shots with some holds and punches. More like this!

  3. Iain (verified owner)

    Great to see Part 2. Great costume choices for Olha this time around however, I feel that her enemy’s costumes were somehow mis-matched. I think it would have been better for Olha to be wearing her pink gi whilst fighting the guy in the white gi. There could have been a script decision which would facilitate as to why this could happen.

    The replayed shots from different angles is a nice approach.

    Nice action overall as is the professionalism I’ve come to expect from Olha but I didn’t really agree with the hypnotic element of the story, I was confused as to why it was used only once and felt it could have been played with further. Also, I wasn’t sure if the second guy (The Boss) came back from the dead, or if he had a twin or a clone. I don’t think that part of the story was clear.

    With regards to the previous poster, although I agree that it comes off better if everyone speaks their native language and that it adds authenticity to the presentation in these videos, I believe the issue here is that the video was filmed in Poland with a predominantly Polish crew and Olha is actually from Ukraine. So I believe the language barrier may have been a factor as to why the actors/characters in the video spoke in English.

    Best Technique: The Finger Breaks

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