Matea: Bad girl in the park


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Matea has a problem with three park service workers. They don´t let her to do what she wants so she punish all of them! (video includes neck break)
Runtime: 04:58
Format: WMV (1280×720)
Filesize: 888 MB


2 reviews

  1. Drag

    Matea is such a beautiful but such a strongly fighter.
    But she’s a bad girl too…
    Pray the Lord never to meet her in a deserted park.
    She could rob you and send you to the hospital in no time. If not directly to the cemetery…
    Matea kicks so hard the head of this poor guy.

  2. Drag

    Matea is really a beautiful but also a very strong fighter.
    Pray the Lord never to meet her in a desert park… She could rob u before sending u to hospital. Even directly to cemetery…
    She kicks so strong the head of this poor guy in the final part.

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