Maria: Wicked replacement


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Maria´s best friend is a gambler who owes a lot of money. She decides to help him and liquidate blackmailers in deadly fight!
Runtime: 04:52
Format: WMV (1280×720)
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1 review

  1. Drag

    Maria is a fearsome but also a professionnal fighter.
    She loves to play easily with the 2 guys using their heads like a punching bag. So hard punches and kicks…
    She’ s really too strong for both with her perfect mastery of fight.
    Especially the jump kick in the head of this poor guy in grey t-shirt…
    He should lose consciousness for couple of minutes…. If not for life….
    Maria hits the head so hard…. and so easily in the same time.
    Beautiful fight clip. Congrats to the winner Maria.

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