Marcela: Punishment for abusive husband


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Marcela has been treated badly by her husband for a long time. She had enough and decided to get rid of him!
Runtime: 04:58
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1 review

  1. STEP73 (verified owner)

    Marcela is only 155 cm tall, but energetic, fast, and strong. In the first scene, she gives a bit taste of her power and fighting skill to her lazy and arrogant husband, who is more than a head taller and much more heavy than her. But it just was a warning by her, she go to the gym and warm up herself for the real fight, because the man doesn’t leave it at that, that his small wife beat up him. He made the biggest mistake of his life, because Marcela easily send him to the ground with her fast, powerful, ruthless kicks. The man lying on the ground, he begging for his life, but her wife steps onto his neck with her beautiful and deadly feet and slowly chokles him. After a job well done, Marcela proudly steps over the laid out man. Finally, she leave the scene with a satisfied smile. Marcela’s look is pretty appealing both in her outfits. Her warm up session in the gym is simply breathtaking. Her proud postures, her coordinated movements, her devastating kicks at least as tempting as it is elegant. One of the best clip on the site, no doubt!

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