Marcela Deadly photoset


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Includes photos in casual and high heels and some in gi. Kicking, selfdefence techniques against one or two attackers.
103 photos
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1 review

  1. STEP73 (verified owner)

    This photoset is really deadly! In the first one third of the set, Marcela sends the big male attacker to the ground with elegant ease in the gym. The 3 dan TKD-lady use him as a living practice puppet, while she wears dobok, and shows some kicking pose to us. In the second third, she fights against the male attacker on the street. She wears a a short black coat over her black minidress. A light pantyhose and a pairs of black-velvet high-heels completes her outfit. This lovely, feminine appearance however, don’t be fooled you: Marcela beats up that guy until he faints. She use her beautiful legs to kicks into his face and balls many times. She kneels into his face, punches him out, tramps onto his chest and belly with her high-heels. The M-079 and M-080 pictures close this chapter, where the triumphant lady watches the unconcious man in a proud pose, and we can see her beauty from back! In the third third Marcela gives a lesson to two of her attackers in the gym’s lobby. She’s without the coat, her glittering, semi-translucent black minidress is highlights the perfect shape of her body. Marcela brutally, ruthlessly, simultaneously beats them to pulp! One or more men? They’re hasn’t any chance against Marcela! The M-094 picture clearly shows that how much bigger the two guys then she is. The pretty TKD-lady barely reaches their shoulders, still she sprains they arms with simultaneous and easy way. Splendid! She destroys their balls, smashes their belly, sends them to the ground… This photoset promoting not just Marcela’s incredible fighting capacity, but her appeal ability too! I loveit!

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