Iva: Pizza delivery


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Pizza delivery guy is cheeky to Iva so she gives him a lesson. He comes back next day to take a revenge. But he underrate her deadly fighting skills! (video includes neck snap)
Runtime: 06:38
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1 review

  1. Drag

    Iva is another tall fighting gem on this site. Can’t believe how she uses her extremely flexible – she touches the ceiling with her feet -but also wonderful body to dominate easily almost all of men.
    Especially with her high red heels which are a very dangerous weapon in fight.
    Iva could gouge out the eyes and even much more strong damage on the face…
    But her barefeet hits in face are so beautifully powerful too. Iva enjoys what she do and make suffer both guys for her pleasure too…
    Try to seduce Iva with a pizza and she will welcome u with her big feet in ur face and mouth.
    Congrats Iva. Hope to see u soon in another clip.

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