Ema: Revelation


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Ema received an information about betrayal of her husband. She tortures him to get confession. But he starts to threaten her. She will give him a chance in a direct fight where she will show him her amazing deadly fighting skills!
Runtime: 09:43
Format: WMV (1280×720)
Filesize: 530 MB


2 reviews

  1. Hermas

    Ema is a super talented fighter, and I like her style.
    I like that kind of clip as well, and it would be just perfect with some more groin kicks and pantyhose.
    The rest of the clip (style, styling, story) is, in my opinion, awesome and definitely to recommend.

  2. opponent12 (verified owner)

    Ema is definitely my fave girl on here. Super hot and solid fight choreography, very awesome! I will be sad if this is her last clip but I appreciate the time and effort by the team of people making these with her!

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