Ema kills all goons


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Ema was kidnapped. Now she is forced to fight to survive against masked goons. At every round, masked opponents appear and the round ends either when she is dead or the opponents are dead. When the opponents are dead, their bodies are removed and a new round begins. The only possible way for her to survive is to kill all opponents.
Runtime: 08:45
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5 reviews

  1. Djordja (verified owner)

    Ema is doing a great job.
    Beautiful styling, very apreciated that btw.
    Nice fighting skills (maybe few more low blows 🙂 ) as well as i like the story behind it. Keep going with this kind 🙂

  2. Dftt

    Amazing, she reminds me of hit girl Chloe Moretz. Sucks she didn’t continue.

  3. gino vanelli

    excellent video ! great storyboard
    please more and more pantyhose updates

  4. pantyhosescissors

    Wonderful! I really liked your idea, make more videos like this, and thanks for the pantyhose!

  5. Toka

    Love Ema, wish there were some more scissor hold neck breaks from her though

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