Ema: Contract killer


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Ema work by a car house. The sister of the owner had instruct Ema to kill the owner, because she want to become the new boss of the car house. It should look like a suicide so Ema should force the man to sign a suicide letter before she kill him! (video includes neck break)
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1 review

  1. Iain (verified owner)

    In the description, I’m guessing by ‘Car House’, the makers of this video mean, ‘Garage’.

    A very well planned and scripted video. Ema works well as the assassin/hitwoman/contract killer. She portrays a good coldness towards her target. the guy who plays the victim does very well also and his acting and reactions are good and fit well with the story.

    Technically, sound is perfect, the English is good and understandable. the setting works well as a safe-house/hideaway.

    The tying up of the victim was all wrong and anyone could see that he could easily escape. I’d suggest that if in a scenario/story where the victim is to be tied up, then actually bind him to the chair, or hog-tie him on the floor.

    Also, if you’re ever kidnapped and manage to escape… Actually escape… Don’t free yourself and then just fall asleep in the house without trying to find an exit.

    For costume, I don’t think skirt and high-heels are practical for this situation and a more appropriate costume would be sportswear and/or leggings… Possibly even a karate style outfit to prove to the victim that she meant business.

    Overall, aside from a few technical flaws, this was a very enjoyable video and I would like to see Ema play this character again.

    Best Technique: The Slapping

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