Brankica Deadly kicking lesson


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Brankica is bothered by a weird stalker. When she finds him in her gym to try to steal something from her bag, she decides to punish him! Her revenge is full of powerful kicks and ​in the end, he regrets what he did.
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1 review

  1. STEP73 (verified owner)

    Brutal beating isn’t the proper word to describe what did this girl with this poor guy. Brankica is breathtaking in every aspects! She’s fantastically skilled, faster than lightning, incredibly powerful, and last but not least she’s delightfully young and beautiful! She feels some justified anger after the guy follows her into her house and try to robbing her. She instantly begins theaching a deadly lesson to this reckless male…

    Her style is elegant, proffesional, and pretty sexy! She use repeatative kicks and slaps to beating him. I love so much that we can watch at least three (!) different method of gorgeous face-slapping, with her delicate girl-hands. She presents some face-slapping, with her long, strong, splendid legs too! Stunning technique by her, when she elbows into the guy belly then hit into his face with her fist, and repeat.

    Brankica’s beautiful face expresses cold anger while she relentlessly beating the male, who go to ground again and again. In the middle of the clip, he can’t stand up anymore, therefore the girl helps him in it. He begging for mercy, but he can’t get from Brankica, who stars playing with him by that time. She puts her arms behind her back, and says “Hit me! If you can?” The guy barely can stands, thus he sends some punches into the air, the girl easily bends out ahead these shameful trying. She laughing and mocking him, before she calmly starts the final, practice-puppet-beating.

    She sends the male against the wall (with kicks, obviously), then she with slow and very precise moves makes some side-kicks on him. But her anger isn’t away, therefore the male gets a demolishing series of side-kicks onto his belly, chest, and face. He faints and collapses to the ground. Brankica takes a glance down him, with deadly anger on her beautiful face, before she do a sitting-scissor on his neck, and finally executes him without any hesitation. Thank you that no ends the clip with that! We can watch this model-like beauty stands up, takes one final look at her dead victim, before she relaxed walking out.

    I love her sexy-sporty outfit, her enchanting fighting (or rather beating) style! This clip become my instant favourite: a very good plot, a fantastic girl, so many slow-motion and different-angle-filming… Five star isn’t enough to prize that clip! Thank you very, very, very much!!!

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