Big trouble in little Balkan


(3 customer reviews)

Brankica visits hypnotherapist to get help with her mind problems. He gets her bank account information from her under hypnosis. When she realise what has happened, she calls her sister. She interrogates him to get their money back. But he doesn’t give up after this beating and sends the Albanian mafia after them. But they are top martial arts fighters and their revenge will be brutal and deadly!
Runtime: 11:00
Format: MP4 (1920×1080)
Filesize: 1,01 GB


3 reviews

  1. britt

    Love the preview, martial arts action here is amazing

  2. FC

    Funny skilled and good production value. Something for everyone.

  3. francisco ibarreche (verified owner)

    We need more videos the sister. Definitely a must buy video.

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