Barborka vs. Vivien Deadly fight


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Barborka vs. Vivien: Two great female fighters. Vivien wants Barborka´s dojo, so they has to fight. Battle of life and death begins! Include 2 versions of fight, each one with different last part of video – Barborka winning (version 1) and Vivien winning (version 2).
Runtime: 07:27 + 06:51
Format: WMV (1280×720)
Filesize: 713 MB Zip File (367 MB / 346 MB…1.ver/2.ver)


2 reviews

  1. Gianni

    Yes!! Girl vs girl fight! Love it!
    That groin kick on Barbroka is awesome, and love the neck snap in the end too! Add some throat punches next time maybe!
    Hope for more girl vs girl videos with fatal endings!

  2. Agent Smith (verified owner)

    This video was a nice surprise! Both girls looked great and I already have a soft spot for Vivien, so seeing her in a video was nice. The fighting skills (as always) are great, and it’s awesome to see a couple of low kicks thrown in. I’d have preferred different clothing and footwear, but that’s just a personal preference for me (I prefer athletic clothing for fights like this) but I’m not going to complain too much.

    Overall, a solid vid!

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