Barborka Deadly techniques demonstration


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Barborka in this demonstration and selfdefence video shows many various groin kicks on opponent. First she shows each technique slowly, then in normal speed. Each groinkick is taken from various angles. Some of them are used also in short selfdefence scenes.
Runtime: 10:23
Format: WMV (1440×1080)
Filesize: 809 MB


2 reviews

  1. Ted

    Barborka makes this guy wish he’d never been born with a set and completely dominates him. His reactions to the punishment are hilarious! Glad it’s not me. Barborka at her lethal best.

  2. Barry (verified owner)

    Keep up the great work! This one was a gem. Great camera angles. I agree with TED on the reactions. Only thing I missed was Barborka’s commentary.

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