Barborka Deadly selfdefence 2


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Barborka shows in various selfdefence scenes how she uses her deadly fighting skills. Against one attacker, scenes includes a lot of headkicks, groinkicks, punches, choking, armbar and various neck-breaking techniques.
Runtime: 07:36
Format: MP4 (1920×1080)
Filesize: 713 MB


7 reviews

  1. roni (verified owner)


  2. f

    That groin kick from behind and back hell kick. Poor guy doesn’t know what he is in for.

  3. robi (verified owner)

    Nice a lot of neck snap very good work

  4. volcan51

    Barborka on this one let the guy truly have it. I have respect for this guy who took kicks to his vital areas from a skilled karate black belt.
    I loved how she grabbed his ribs, from now many sites have pretty chicks kicking the nuts, but still i think the way you show unconventional dirty techniques working it gives you guys an advantage over the competition, i love the girls sometimes aim for eyes, throat and other vital areas.
    Its Barboka at her 50% but its still an spectacle to see.

  5. Blinky

    Nice good neckbreak finishers i like it

  6. Tom

    Love Barborka, especially when she wears pantyhose

  7. Claudio

    Poor guy ! He is too slim in comparison with Barborka, and she knows it and likes it ! So she will always enjoy hiting him easily with good mood and smile, and, of course, she will always win !

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