Anna Maria destroys a bunch of jerks


(4 customer reviews)

Anna Maria receives a phone call that her little candy has been stolen. She has to kill all the members of the gang of kidnappers one by one. Then she finds the boss of organization, punish him and get her puppy back!
Runtime: 11:04
Format: WMV (1280×720)
Filesize: 1,29 GB


4 reviews

  1. Barry (verified owner)

    Awesome. I love the way she mocks him at 8:25

  2. Robi (verified owner)

    Very good the best video in a long time very good work i love neckbreak finishers

  3. jonathan mortenson (verified owner)

    Excellent groin kicks. Her girlpower attitude is excellent. Mocking a guys pain after a groin kick was out of this world awesome! Great work.

  4. Blinky

    Nice Clip i like finisher with neck snap from behind or another great work thanks

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